Hi, nice to meet you, i'm...

A UK based photographer and lover of beautiful machines and places

A landscape shot of a white classic car on the beach with the open ocean in the background A close up of the front of a classic Yellow BMW, showing the badge in detail An old farm building with no roof or windows in a grassy valley in scotland A wide shot of a series of white painted huts with a lighthouse on the right hand side, looking out to see A small hotel perched on the edge of a deep river valley in the welsh countryside A close up of a very clean and shiny engine bay. The engine air intake has the extruded lettering saying Edelbrock

I love to create and shoot beautiful things. Originally from southampton UK, I love exploring the world, especially the far east. My work has featured in Norwegian business magazine 'Kapital' (Number 3-10 February 2022) and has been shortlisted in the International Automotive Photography instagram #iap_details competition (3rd place). I discovered photography as a means of providing a productive mindfulness exercise and creative outlet and I seek to share the experience to encourage others to pick up a camera and get out there.

Subjects of interest

Classic cars, and automotive in general are my favourite photographic subject, the character they inherit from their age, their owner's love (or lack there-of) and their surroundings often provide wonderful photographic opportunities.

Their increasing rareity only adds to the intrigue and excitement I experience when I see one. I try to capture them in whatever state I find them in honour of their design and craftsmanship.

I currently visit as many local car meets as I can travel when able to shoot classic cars, I am available to shoot on a freelance basis and you can contact me for details at the following: hello@imaje.photo


I started using Digital but quickly took to film photography and now use a mixture of both. My current most-used cameras are a Pentax-MX, Canon-P, Pentax 645 and a Sony A7.
I mostly shoot colour film (Fuji Superia 400 and Fuji Pro 400H) but have started exploring Black-and-white after much encouragement from many wonderful photographers I have met over the years.

Update 2023 - I recently purchased a Fuji GFX 50s, for now I am using my vintage lenses on this system with great results but soon I hope to buy more native lenses to get the most out of this incredible camera.


I built this site from scratch using Jigsaw static site generator and continue to design and develop it as a continuous project. I don't use cookies on this site so your privacy and data are protected at all times. Jigsaw Site Generator, Go Cookieless.


I'm always happy to listening to inquiries, requests and questions. If you would like a photoshoot of your classic pride and joy, please feel free to contact me at hello@imaje.photo :)

My design work

My day job is a digital product designer, designing and building simple and beautiful apps and online experiences. If you would like to know more about my work, please visit imaje.co.uk

Copyright information

All images have been lovingly taken and edited by myself. Sharing is encourage with proper attribution but use of any imagery for profit is strictly prohibited without written consent by Andy J Elliot ( imaje.photo ).
If you would like to use any of my images, please get in touch with me at hello@imaje.photo